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This site is currently in progress, expect it to be properly online sometime in the embers of 2022.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign Manager

For Windows and Mac desktops as well as iPads, this sleek campaign management tool allows you to organize and develop your 5th Edition D&D campaign, including modules for keeping tabs of your Player- and Non-Player Characters, Locations, Encounters, and Calendar.

Need a new NPC or Location in a flash? A powerful randomizer tool is the improv DM's best friend. Build out a whole town with information about their population makeup, government, taverns and shops, even what's up with the local thieves' guild. Quickly throw encounters together using a powerful search tool that allows you to select terrain, creature type, and challenge rating. Basic block stats available ample annotation to help point you to the right place in your rulesets for the details.

Community of Authors

An online platform for writers, editors, and readers built to be a positive social media environment that respects privacy and content ownership. Users can join 'tables' (which can have a topic as broad as a whole genre or as specific as a group of friends) where works are shared between other participants in that table. Robust commenting, editing, and markup features are combined with a dashboard that helps you keep tabs on what's new. Fully functional.

Hag Bags

I have made a lot of bags, despite not needing more than one or two at any given time. The rest are up for grabs.

Note: this is not an online shop--this is a mechanism for friends and family to select a bag they want.